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    Keeping the home comfortable when the temperatures get high or low outside is crucial. It’s a horrible feeling to come home to a house that’s too hot or too cold to be comfortable. If this ever does happen, though, we offer expert HVAC Services in Citrus Heights, CA, and we can help. We’ll get the system up and running again in no time, bringing your home back to the right temperature as fast as possible.

    You don’t have to deal with a house that’s too hot or too cold. Contact us for expert HVAC Services in Citrus Heights, CA, at (916) 398-2768.

    Our HVAC Services

    When the temperature inside the home isn’t what it should be, it’s time to call for expert HVAC repair. Let us take a look at your system to see what HVAC repair is needed, and we’ll get it working again. We also offer other HVAC services, such as installations or maintenance, to keep your system running and prevent issues. 

    Air Conditioning Services in Citrus Heights

    No one wants to sit around inside a house that’s too hot because the air conditioner has broken. We offer maintenance services to prevent breakdowns, repairs to help when something does go wrong, and installations in case you need to upgrade your current AC system. We’re ready to help keep your home cool. 

    AC Installation

    An AC replacement may be needed if yours is more than 15 years old, if it’s starting to break down more frequently, or if it has any major issues. If you do need a new one, we’ll make sure the AC installation process is as smooth as possible. An AC replacement could also mean upgrading to a more energy-efficient system, saving you money in the long run. Let us know if you’re ready to look into an AC installation in Citrus Heights. 

    AC Repair

    If there isn’t cool air blowing into the home or if the AC unit is showing any signs of issues, like leaks, odd smells, or strange noises, now’s the time to call for fast AC repair. Have your system fixed before the issue gets worse – and more expensive – to repair. We can help with any AC repair in Citrus Heights you may need. 

    AC Maintenance & Tune-Ups

    Proper AC maintenance can help keep your system running longer. Maintenance involves a thorough inspection, replacement of worn parts, and more to keep it in good shape and ready for the summer heat. Schedule AC maintenance and tune ups in Citrus Heights for spring to make sure your unit is ready. 

    Heating Services in Citrus Heights

    Furnace Installation & Replacement

    If your furnace is getting older or starting to break down more often, it may be time to think about a furnace replacement. A furnace installation can help keep the home warm during the winter, without worries about it breaking down again. We can help with your furnace replacement. Call us now if you’d like to talk about the options for a furnace installation and replacement in Citrus Heights. 

    Furnace Repair

    When something breaks down, you may notice odd noises or smells, a lack of warm air, or other issues. Any of these are a sign that you need furnace repair right away before the issue gets a lot worse. We can help with any furnace repair in Citrus Heights to keep you warm and comfortable. 

    Furnace Maintenance & Tune-Ups

    Furnaces require maintenance to keep them in great shape and ready to use throughout the winter. We can help with regular furnace maintenance, so you have less to worry about when it’s cold outside. We recommend scheduling furnace maintenance and tune-ups in Citrus Heights for late summer or fall to get your system ready to use. 

    Additional HVAC Services in Citrus Heights

    • Thermostats
    • Heat Pump Installation & Repair
    • Indoor Air Quality Services
    • Air Purification Services
    • Vent Cleaning

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    You shouldn’t have to deal with a home that’s too hot or too cold. Instead, if you have any issues with your HVAC system, Maverick Electric, Heating & Air Services is ready to help. We can also help with installations and maintenance, so you can be comfortable throughout the year. Schedule any services you need today to make sure your HVAC system runs as expected.

    Call us if you need any HVAC Services in Citrus Heights, CA. You can contact us at (916) 398-2768 now to schedule an appointment or get fast help.