Your Lincoln Residential Electrical Team

    Electricity makes the world go round. That’s why we take our electrical services in Placer County, CA, seriously here at Maverick Electrical Services. Electrical installation is essential for initiating power while repair functions as a mechanism to get clients back up and running. When you need residential electrical services, it’s important to hire a team Residential Electrical Services in Lincoln CAthat’s experienced and knowledgeable as well as certified and licensed. A maverick is someone who sets themselves apart from the competition, and Maverick Electrical Services does just that for Lincoln homeowners.

    Customers appreciate our:
    • High-quality service and focus on innovation
    • Ability to get the job done right the first time
    • Status as a third-generation company
    • Ability to service any make/model of electrical equipment
    • 24-hour availability for emergencies after hours and weekends

    Home Electrical Services in Lincoln, CA

    Everyone will need home electrical services at some point in time. For starters, the electrical installation is the first step to a complete system and wiring that functions properly. Errors made in the setup process can set homeowners up for a variety of electrical issues. Afterward, electrical repairs may be required intermittently. At Maverick Electrical Services, we specialize in Electrical Repair in Lincoln CAboth installation and repairs for Lincoln residents. It’s not a good idea to attempt an electrical project without help from a professional.

    When local residents come home to no electricity or a storm takes outlines, one of our professional electricians can help. We’re available to serve customers throughout the Sacramento region.

    Call us if you notice:
    • Exposed wires
    • Flickering lights
    • High utility bills
    • Smoke smell
    • A tripped electric breaker

    Quality Residential Electrical Services in Lincoln CA

    Residential Electric Services and Repairs

    When you require home electrical services, we’re the team to trust. Clients in Northern California like our company due to our commitment to excellence and affordable prices. We also offer financing and specials to make electrical commitments a little easier on the pocketbook. We understand that home electrical services can be daunting, but getting the necessary upgrades can be possible with financing help from our company. If you’re interested in the services and installation options, we’re prepared to provide helpful guidance. We’ll be waiting with an open mind and a commitment to developing a game plan for you and your building. No matter how complicated the project may be, our crew will find a solution.

    Our Electrical Services include:
    • Home Wiring & Rewiring
    • Electrical Remodeling
    • Service Panel Upgrade
    • Fuse Box Upgrade
    • Ground Fault Circuits
    • Arc Fault Circuits
    • Home Surge Protection
    • Grounding For Home and Plugs
    • Appliance Installation
    • Meter Socket Installation
    • Knob and Tube Replacement
    • Switches and Outlets/Plugs/Receptacles
    • Smoke detectors
    • Carbon Monoxide Detectors
    • Home Electrical Audits
    • Indoor Lighting
    • Landscape Lighting
    • Recessed Lighting
    • Track lighting
    • Specialty design lighting
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    If you need help at your home in Lincoln, call Maverick Electrical Services. We also provide commercial electrical services for clients in the area.