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What should I do if an appliance continuously blows a fuse?

3 Things to Do if an Appliance Keeps Blowing a Fuse The modern home today uses far more electricity than it ever did in the past. Due to this, it is common for an appliance in your home to blow a fuse, especially if your electrical system is outdated. There are three things that you […]

AMPs, Watts, and Volts: A Guide to Measuring Power

How Electrical Power Is Measured When you buy an electrical appliance or get your electricity bill in Lincoln, CA, you might wonder exactly how the electricity is measured. There are several ways of measuring electrical power, and they can be confusing for a person who isn’t an electrician. Here’s what you need to know about […]

5 Tips for Reducing Your Home Energy Usage

5 Tips for Reducing Your Home Energy Usage If your energy bills are high every month and putting a dent in your budget, take heart in the fact that there are many ways to reduce this energy usage. By planning and using forethought, you can reduce your energy usage and your energy costs. 1. Thermostat […]