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How To Protect Your Home From Power Surges

Most homes are filled with sensitive electronic equipment, ranging from laptops to HDTVs. Even if it isn’t a direct hit, a power surge caused by lightning strikes, damaged power lines, or other factors can put your expensive equipment at risk. Some power surges are actually caused by devices inside the home. Learn what you can do to prevent power surges in your home with the following tips.

Invest in Whole-Home Power Surge Protection

Consider hiring an electrical company to install whole-home power surge protection that will operate as a gateway for all currents coming into your electrical system. In instances where there’s a spike in voltage, this type of system is designed to immediately shut the power off and redirect any excess current to underground wires.

Ensure Extra Protection for Sensitive Devices

Although investing in whole-home power surge protection is an important step, it’s also crucial to ensure that sensitive devices such as your air conditioner, refrigerator, and computers have extra protection against power surges. Protect your computers, laptops, and tablets by installing an uninterruptable power station (UPS). For electronics that you plug in to charge such as cell phones or power tools, make sure you use a surge protector power strip every time.

Have Your Wiring Inspected by a Professional

Over time, electrical wires can become damaged or exposed which can disrupt the flow of the current. Damaged or exposed wires can not only put your house at risk of fire, they can also increase the likelihood of power surges. If your circuit breakers frequently trip or you notice burning smells coming from your outlets, it’s time to call in the professionals.

Be Cautious About Where You Plug In

Never share sensitive electronic devices like laptops with the same outlets as your AC unit or laser printer. Appliances and electronics like these that use large electrical loads can put delicate devices at risk.

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